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Gylma Garza:

Executive Director

Crystal Avila:

Administrative Service Manager

Centers Program


Christina Lara:

Accounting & Human Resources Manager

Center/Homes Programs

Emma Cuellar:

Lead Compliance Officer/Finance Asst.

Centers Program

Oralia Avila:

Sr. Administrative Service Manager/ Homes Program


Marco Corona:

Sr. Office Assistant

Centers & Homes Program

Edna Ruiz:

Administrative Service Manager/Compliance Homes Program 

Annie Ruiz:

Compliance Officer/Trainer

Center Program

Jobe Evans:

#1 Compliance Officer Centers Program 

Joseph Garza: 

#3 Compliance Officer/Inventory

Centers Program


Irenio "Nen" Slazar 

#5 Compliance Officer/Tech

Centers Program

Kathy Harris:

Part-Time Compliance Officer

Homes Program

Corpus Christi Rep.

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